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Rudolph Valentino - In Memoriam - August 23, 2017

Every August 23rd from 1927 to the present day, a memorial service has been held in Hollywood to commemorate and remember silent screen star Rudolph Valentino.  If you care to attend in person, the service is held at Hollywood Forever in the Cathedral Mausoleum and the service begins at 12:10 p.m.  There are speakers, readings and displays of Valentino memorabilia. 

If you are not local, for the first time ever, the services will be live-streamed via Facebook Live, so no matter your time zone, you can be a part of the memorial.  The FB Live feed will be broadcast on the Group We Never Forget Rudolph Valentino, at approximately 12:10 (PST) join the group and watch!

The Hollywood funeral mass at the Church of the Good Shepherd and subsequent burial was, in fact, Valentino's second funeral mass.  Valentino was first memorialized in New York City at St. Malachy's.

After his untimely passing on August 23, 1926, his body was transferred from the Polyclinic Hospital to Campbell'…

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